Metroid Dread Ferenia Stuck Guide & How To Defeat Chozo Soldier

Metroid dread

Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. If you have just reached the Ferenia area and got stuck after defeating the Chozo soldier, the below guide will help you to get out of that area.

Metroid Dread Where To Go After Defeating Chozo Soldier In Ferenia

Once you reach the Ferenia area, you will come across one of the Chozo who is the last survivor of his tribe. During the cutscene, the Chozo will be killed by one of the Soldier whom you need to defeat.

After defeating him you need to go towards the right side room. You will find the way on the ceiling of that room. There will be a wall where you can use the spider magnet but to reach it you need to use the grapple beam.

Go to the middle room, climb up the upper platform, then jump and look at your left side to find the spider magnet wall. Use the spider magnet wall and pipe to get out of that room.

In the other room, you will find the wind blowing towards you. You need to use the supersonic speed and perform the shinespark ability to reach the top. There you will find the pod that will transport you back to Dairon.

Metroid Dread How To Defeat Robot Chozo Soldier

The Chozo soldiers will only have 4 different types of attacks. These attacks are

  • Laser balls
  • Laser beam
  • Normal Attack
  • Charged Attack

The laser beam is the easiest attack to dodge, while the laser balls can be dodge by climbing up the upper platform. You can counter the normal attack when the flash happens and stun the Chozo soldier. To dodge the charge attack, the best way is to jump and use the flash ability to go its backside. As soon you see the soldier charging up go towards its back and hit him with rockets. Focus on dodging attacks first and keep your distance to freely hit him with rockets. Using this method you can easily defeat him.

How To Defeat Twin Robot Chozo Soldier

After getting the storm missile ability you will need to go back to get the space jump ability. During that time you will encounter two Chozo soldiers whom you can easily defeat by using your new ability. Use your free aim and charge your rockets, then aim at the Chozo soldiers, then press Y to attack the storm missile.

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