Metroid Dread Ferenia Stuck After Ghavoran Defeat Main Boss Escue

Metroid dread

Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. After coming back from Gharovan with Ice missile you might get stuck in Ferenia after escaping the purple EMMI. Below you will find where to go and how to reach the area boss to obtain storm missile.

Metroid Dread Where To Go In Ferenia After Ghavoran

After coming back from Ghovran you need to make your way towards the area’s main boss Escue, you need to evade the purple EMMI three times in order to reach the boss. If you are stuck in the extreme right side area outside a Chozo general statue, you need to scan the area as the floor will be breakable. You need to keep breaking the floor to reach the ground where you will encounter the eye creature that will be blocking the door of the boss.

Metroid Dread How To Defeat Electric Bug Escue

To defeat Escue you need to aim and hit him with ice missiles. To dodge the dark orb you need to make it hit the wall. If the dark orb hits the floor, it will blast with an electric shock all over the floor. To dodge the multiple dark beams you need to use flash shift and use spin jump in the air to completely avoid it.

If there is an electric barrier around Escue he won’t take damage. You need to wait for the barrier to get over and hit him with charged plasma beam or missile. Sometimes it will quickly fly towards you to attack with its back, you can double jump to avoid it. Once you defeat the bug, it will take the form of a Metroid that you need to hit and you can regain energy and rockets ammo. Once the Metroid is destroyed you will absorb its core and obtain the storm missiles.

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