Far Cry 6- Triada Blessings In Oluwa Cave To Collect Triada Relics Spoiler

Far Cry 6In Far Cry 6, the island Isla Santuario needs to be explored where in Quito, Ventura Summit there is an Oluwa cave. Outside the cave, you will find markings or symbols drawn and the same symbol will be found inside with a note that initiates the Yaran Story “Triad Blessings”. As per the note, the weapons of Triada will be in your possession if you manage to bring all 3 relics that have been scattered all around Yara. This guide will be a simple walkthrough of the mission and what is the final reward which will be awarded after completing the mission.

Triada Blessings In Oluwa Cave To Collect Triada Relics In Far Cry 6

The first Treasure Hunt i.e. “Ida’s Triada Relic” is found at Lozania, Monjas Valley. Obtain the relic inside the cave along with a Tier 4 head gear “Ida’s Sigil”. The second Treasure Hunt i.e. “Oku’s Triada Relic” can be initiated at Cruz Del Salvador, Arroz Flatlands only at night time. The spooky little estate where there are hidden buttons and puzzles that need to be interacted in order to finally collect the Tier 4 leg gear “Oku’s Deliverance” and the relic inside the secret well.

The final Treasure Hunt i.e. “Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic” is found at La Joya, Catalina Ridge. Enter the tunnel by solving cliche problems and obtain the Tier 4 foot gear “Mimo Abosi’s Mirage” as well as the final relic. Move back to Oluwa Cave at Isla Santuario, Quito, Ventura Summit to place all three relics at its place. After placing the relics, you will be rewarded with a “Triador” Stealth Supremo and Tier 4 Resolver Weapon “La Varita” along with “Oluso” The Ghost-Cat.

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