Far Cry 6- Paradise Lost Main Mission Walkthrough

Far Cry 6In Far Cry 6, Clara will call you to Esperanza and order you to drop any mission that is active currently. Ultimately, you will make your way to the main mission location and talk to the guard to enter the hideout. On your way up, collect the Gran Premio poster to reveal the location. In this post, we have compiled everything you need to do in order to complete the mission.

Paradise Lost Main Mission Walkthrough In Far Cry 6

First thing Juan needs you to plant the explosives at 3 checkpoints which will be marked. Make your way to the first checkpoint and make sure you are using the suppressor in your Rifle to headshot 3 soldiers stealthily. Plant the explosive and move onto the second checkpoint and similarly plant at the final checkpoint.

After planting the explosives, you will need to rendezvous with Juan. On your way, you will find soldiers crawling over places. Sneak or eliminate every single one of them to make your way on the roof across the street from the Hotel Paraiso.

After Juan explodes all the explosives, you will need to secure the hotel. Eliminate enemy soldiers on the ground floor as well as the top floor. Be ready for action as there are numerous soldiers and grenades you have to take in.

Get the key for the penthouse, and use the elevator to enter the suite. There would be a small cutscene where Diego will reveal the Anton is sick that’s why he is not in the suite. After this valuable information gets out of there alive with the help of a military vehicle.

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