Far Cry 6- Anti Aircraft How To Destroy It Easily

Far Cry 6In Far Cry 6, as you advance and proceed through Main Story and Taran Story, your collection will gradually increase slowly as well as your arsenal. However, once you encounter an anti-aircraft gun quite early with no barrels nearby force players to think about how to do it. As we believe in our primal instinct more, so we equip a gun to shoot it in hope that it might destroy. Though this might be a futile attempt of struggle but what if there is a way where you don’t have to shoot bullets from your rifles and destroy the Anti Aircrafts. This guide is all about that which might be useful later on when you don’t have Rocket Launcher or “Blast Round” mods.

Anti Aircraft How To Destroy It Easily In Far Cry 6

As we claimed that without shooting the Anti-Aircraft gun, there is a way to destroy it. Simply, open the Menu to access your Arsenal and equip “Exterminador” Assaulter Supremo. That’s it and launch Armagedon Strike i.e. a series of rockets from a distance to watch every Anti-Aircraft go kaput.

Let it recharge and use it again when there are multiple anti-aircraft as one Armagedon Strike is enough for one Anti-Aircraft. For more informative guides on Far Cry 6, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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