Metroid Dread Where To Go After Getting Morph Ball & Get Heat Suit

Metroid dread

Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. Morph ball ability has been with Samus in almost all versions of the game. Once you get this ability you will explore various areas by passing through the pipeline. Below you will find where to go once you get the morph ability and reach the Kraid boss.

Metroid Dread Where To Go After Getting Morph Ball

After destroying the 3rd EMMI you get the morph ball ability. Once you get the ability you need to go back to the Artaria area. Follow the red mark as shown in the image above to reach the pod that will transport you to the Artaria area.

Once you reach Artaria, head over to the area as shown in the above image, there you need to use the morph ball ability to pass through the pipe. Keep progressing through that way till the top and you will obtain the Varia Suit.

Metroid Droid How To Get Heat Resistance Suit

The heat resistance suit is called the Varia suit that you can obtain after defeating the 3rd EMMI. In the beginning, entering any heat zone that is marked in red results in the energy depletion of Samus. After getting the Varia suit you will be easily able to explore the heat zone and progress further in the game. Check out the image above to find the exact location of the Varia Suit.

Metroid Dread Where To Go After Getting Varia Suit

After getting the Varia suit you need to come back down to the teleporter that will teleport you to the Cataris area. In Cataris you need to visit the area marked in the above image where you have to explore a heat zone. At the end of the heat zone, you will encounter the main boss of the Cataris area whom you need to defeat in order to progress further in-game

Note: Using the above image marker you will be able to reach Cataris main boss Kraid.

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