Metroid Dread How To Power On Lights In Dairon & Obtain Wide Beam

Metroid dread
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Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. If you have found a way to reach the Diaron area and try to find a way through the dark room, the below guide will help you find the generator to power up the rooms. You will also get the wide beam ability after powering up the dark rooms.

Metroid Dread Dairon Middle Area Walkthrough

After reaching the middle area of the Dairon by falling through the breakable floor, you need to go towards the left side where you will find enemies and saw spinners. Further on the left side, you will enter the room where there is no power.

Upon exploring the area for quite a lot of time we found there is no way out and you need to find a way through the dark rooms. Due to the darkness, it will be hard to find the way. You need to go to the extreme left side of the dark room till you find the blocked door. Near the locked door, you need to break the floor as shown in the above image in order to find a way towards the power generator.

Metroid Dread Power On Lights & Obtain Wide Beam

Once you break the floor you will find the path towards the generator. You need to stand on the switch in front of the generator to power up the rooms. Once the room is powered doors will be accessible using a normal beam.

Now return back through the path you came and you will find a red honeycomb shield that you need to destroy using your rockets. Now go through that door to find the wide beam weapon ability. With this ability, you will be able to push blocks and open doors that require extra power to charge up.

Note: Wide beam can open any power beam doors and push the power beam blocks to find the way.

2nd Generator Location

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