Metroid Dread After Wide Beam, Cataris Central Unit, Destroy 3rd EMMI

Metroid dread
Image Credit – Nintendo

Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. After getting the wide beam in the Dairon area you need to push the block that requires charged wide beam hit. Head back to the transport that will take you back to Cataria where you need to find the central unit and defeat the 3rd EMMI.

Metroid Dread Destroy 3rd Crawling EMMI

The 3rd EMMI that you will encounter in the Cataria area patrol a huge area and you need to evade it by using your phantom cloak ability. To destroy the 3rd EMMI you need to get the power of the Omega cannon and to get the Omega cannon power you need to destroy the central unit.

Once you have the Omega cannon ability, go to the 3rd EMMI patrolling area and hit its head with Omega Stream by pressing the “Y” button in free aim mode. Make sure you are quite far from the 3rd EMMI and use the free aim by pressing the L button. It might be hard to track the 3rd EMMI head with the free aim and you need to hit it multiple times to expose its core.

Deal some damage then try to run away from it by sliding under the walls. Once the core is exposed make sure the distance between you and the 3rd EMMI is enough for you to charge the Omega blaster and destroy the core.

Metroid Dread Reach The Central Unit In Cataria

Unlike the central unit of the Artaria, this central unit will have two turrets that shoot laser beams that you need to evade. You can destroy the fire rings if you are unable to evade them. Use your charge wide beam and rockets to destroy the outer shell which will expose the central unit core. Destroy the core to get the omega cannon.

To reach the central unit you need to return back to Cataria and enter the patrol area of the 3rd EMMI. Use the charged wide beam on the power door as shown in the above image to find your way towards the central unit.

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