Far Cry 6- Gunpowder Location And How To Find Them

Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, there are resources or say resolver materials used in Workbench to craft mods and improve weapons stats as well performance. Gunpowder is a rare resource that can be only found by doing various specific tasks. This post is specially compiled for the resource collectors who are in to search the valuable material to use on Workbench later.

Gunpowder Location And How To Find Them In Far Cry 6

In the beginning, we have learned that you can bribe the corrupt soldiers or FND Double Agents to learn about the FND Cache. There are a few FND Cache that rewards gun and some rewards Gunpowder which might not be the best way to approach if you are looking for gunpowder.

The best way would be to steal military airdrop supplies. These spots or locations can be learned from talking to random bypassers or strangers. Everywhere information is a key.

The third way is to save the Los Bandidos and recruit them by saving their life when they are held hostage, destroying billboards, and defacing posters. Later, you can use your Guirrella Camp to select Los Bandidos Operations and manage it to successfully earn Gunpowder as a reward.

The final way to earn Gunpowder would be by completing the Ambush. The Ambush rewards Gunpowder along with other materials. For more informative guides, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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