Far Cry 6- Best Weapons You Need To Get Hands-On Quick

Far Cry 6In Far Cry 6, there are numerous weapons and as you and your fellow revolutionary armies are fighting a tough war it is not rare that you possess some extra-ordinary weapons that can absolutely decimate the enemies in no time. There are a total of 8-9 categories of weapons but mostly we would focus on Sidearms, Submachine guns, Rifles, LMG, Sniper rifles, and shotguns as we widely use them all the time. In this guide, we think that these might be the endgame weapons that you can unlock and attach mods to make it more deadly.

Best Weapons You Need To Get Hands-On Quick In Far Cry 6


The Sidearm or Pistol “The Autocrat” obtained during the main mission DU Or DIE is pretty useful in specific conditions or circumstances. The Damage and Velocity might be not appealing but once you check the Attachment Mods, there would be Armor Piercing Rounds that might be very useful which simply allow penetration of armor and helmets. Hitting normal enemies with this pistol is simply useless as the amount of damage you can deal with another weapon will prove to be more useful. The plot changes when you are fighting against armored enemies with this sidearm where its effect can be maximized.

However, it can be replaced with the best Sidearm easily or Tier 4 Pistol i.e. “Desert Eagle” with Armor Piercing Mods and Silencer to kill an enemy with one bullet stealthily and easily with headshots. Desert Eagle can be found as a reward after completing the Treasure Hunt “The Last One To Leave”.

Another interesting Tier 4 Pistol would be “Pistola Sportiva” i.e. found in Esperanza, West Lado above and outside of El Presidente Square referring to with map. The Attachment Mods is what makes it more exciting. The Blast Rounds Mods deal heavy damage to the vehicles and break bulletproof windshields.


The best SMG early on that can be found is “MP40” at Lozania, Monjas Valley. You can run and gun as the hip rate is high with better accuracy from close to medium range makes it best suitable. Later it can be replaced with other unique SMG weapons such as “DIY Death” or “Streamline Moderne”. It might be frustrating but as not an SMG user, MP40 feels more appealing.


Tier 4 LMG “Crackle And Pop” is by far the most superior LMG you can obtain from the chest. We expect LMG to either clear out enemies’ horde or destroy heavy vehicles or helicopters. This gun can do all those tricks as the Attachment Mods installed already i.e. “Blast Rounds” can create simple chaos with a rapid-fire. It can be found on one of the rooftops at Esperanza, West Lado, and North of Torre Del Leon and your hideout.


Tier 4 rifle “Urushi” can be found at Esperanza, Barrio Antiguo below the town settlement at the dockyard with Tier 4 Large Cylindrical Suppressor, Tier 1 Armor Piercing, and Tier 4 Vampiric Triada attached or installed.

“SKS” is yet another Tier 4 rifle found in FND Case at Esperanza. Install mods and hit headshot with the suppressor. No one will notice you until the whole army is dead.

Sniper Rifle

There are multiple snipers that might conflict the interest as I am a sucker for snipers. There are 2 snipers that fit into my list of so-called best snipers in the game. “El Tirano” due to the fact that the Attachment Mods has Small Advanced Sniper Scope i.e. Tier 4 Mod already installed. It can be found at Barrial, Ventosa Peninsula at North of the Escila Fort on top of the lighthouse.

“MBP.50” Tier 4 sniper rifle that can be customized at Workbench to install best mods but it will take you longer than pre-installed mods provided by the unique and signature weapons. However, installing the best mods that are available in this beast is simply a game-changer.


There are a whole lot of shotguns in the game but if we are dealing damage in close proximity and my shotgun is eliminating the enemies at one shot then they are doing their part. The interesting part is shotgun has a suppressor which can let you kill enemies or multiple enemies from the back without alarming them. “RMS-18” and “Supercharger” are by far the best two endgame shotgun that completely fits and will fit in your profile as well.

RMS-18 shotgun can be found in FND Case at Esperanza, whereas Supercharger can be found during Diesel Daisy mission or where FND Base “GDP Oil Platform”.

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