Far Cry 6- A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Boat Numbers Order And Location

Far Cry 6In Far Cry 6, the Treasure Hunt at El Este, Sierra Perdida, Robustas Hills, and the left side of Torrero Beach is “A Rising Tide”. The Job Description is to find a way to reach the secret room’s stash. In this guide, we have mentioned all the boat numbers required and all the five boat locations whose names are kept after the five Legends’ names.

A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Boat Numbers Order And Location In Far Cry 6

The boat’s name and the number sequence at which they are marked is important to find due to the fact we need to press the button in sequence to unlock the village stash room.

The boats name and order at which they have to be entered or the button that need to be pressed is mentioned below this description:

  • #1 El Tigre Del Mar
  • #2 Papi Chulo
  • #3 El Lucky
  • #4 Clarita
  • #5 Roja Victoria

The color of the boats is provided on the planks where the boat’s name is mentioned on the board for the reason, if you forget the name, you can remember the color.

So, the first boat will be in front of the cabin where the treasure hunt note is found. The second green boat can be found at the South-West part of the search zone with an abandoned cabin. On the right side of the cabin, there would be a small wooden bridge laid out that lead you to a cabin. Climb on its roof and use the zipline to get find the “Papi Chulo”.

The third boat would be found on the last house’s roof on the East side inside the search zone beside the pathway. The fourth yellow boat can be found at North after taking the reference of the first boat location. The boat will be placed on top of the cabin. The final fifth boat is sunken inside the water opposite to the cabin where we have to press the button in sequence.

Once you have completed the sequence correctly as mentioned above, you will unlock the door and collect the signature weapon i.e. “Camo Quinceanera” rifle. If you are up for more guides on Far Cry 6, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description.

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