Metroid Dread Stuck Between Dairon & Cataris How To Find Way

Metroid dread
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Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. After leaving Cataris on the transport you will reach the Dairon area, there on the left side room at the beginning you will find some unbreakable floors. These floors have the right mark on the middle of them and cannot be destroyed. If you are stuck in the Dairon area after leaving Cataris the guide below can help you figure out the way.

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Metroid Dread Stuck In Dairon & Cataris

Once you find the transport in the Cataris area you will unlock the new area called Dairon. You could take the transport to travel to the new area. After reaching Dairon, go towards the left side and enter the door. Use the spider magnet to climb up the wall and jump on the left side platform.

Keep going towards the left till you reach the wall. You need to shoot the floor on the left side of the unbreakable floors as shown in the above image and progress further in the game. Some players might miss it and return back to Cataris to explore it more but couldn’t do so. It also took us quite some time to figure it out and had to explore Cataris multiple times.

Metroid Droid Stuck In Cataris

After leaving Artaria, the second area you will reach is Cataris. On the left side door, all the rooms will be red hot with high temperature that will reduce your energy and the suit will be destroyed. As soon as you reach Cataris, go towards the left side and break the rocks using your normal beam as shown in the above picture.

Metroid Dread How To Leave Cataris

To leave the Cataris area you need to redirect the thermal fuel and follow the pipe till you reach the tube to find the interactive device to turn on the power engine. Once the engine is on you will be able to use the spider magnet on the wall as shown in the cutscene after you turn on the engine.

Go to the elevator wall that will take you up and go towards the left side through the upper door where you will again find a device to redirect a thermal fuel. Keep following the glowing pipe till you meet the 3rd EMMI. Escape from the EMMI and then go upwards till you reach Adam rooms, from there you need to towards the map room.

Once your map is unlocked you need to reach the purple room to take the transport to Dairon, but to start the transport you need to turn the button red of the interactive device to power on the engine.

Note: During this time you will encounter the 3rd EMMI multiple times whom you can evade by using the phantom cloak. If the EMMI already has a vision of you it will be difficult to evade using the cloak. You can use the spider magnet to hang on the ceiling using the cloak to evade it. Using counter on EMMI is extremely difficult and your timing needs to be perfect.

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