Metroid Dread How To Reach The Central Unit & Defeat The First Boss

Metroid dread
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Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. To defeat the first EMMI you need the omega cannon and to get the omega cannon you need to reach the central unit in the map.

There you will find the first boss that you need to defeat but to first reach the main boss, you need to escape from the 2nd EMMI and obtain the charge beam. Below you will find where to find the charge beam, open golden doors, and defeat the first boss the floating brain eye.

Metroid Droid Artaria Map

The map is not fully explored but it might help you at the beginning.

Metroid Dread Where To Find The Charge Beam Location

After escaping from the EMMI using the pipe, go right and slide towards the platform under you. Then go towards the left side door and in the other room, you will find the energy recharge station. From the station go towards the left side where you need to defeat some enemies and shoot the flesh under the door to reveal a pathway.

Go through that pathway where you will fall down with a honeycomb shield door. You need to use your rocket to break the shield and go through the door. After that jump down where you find a hole to slide under the left side door. Slide under the hole to obtain the charge beam whose outer shell you need to destroy. Once you obtain the charge beam, you can now open golden blinking doors. Hold your Y button to charge and release to fire the charge beam.

How To Reach The Central Unit

To reach the central unit you need to first use the interactive device to redirect the thermal fuel flow. Check out the above image to find the location of the interactive device and how to reach it. Once you redirect the thermal fuel flow, you just need to follow the thermal pipe to reach the first boss central unit. Check out the image below to find which pipe to follow

Metroid Dread How To Defeat The First Boss

To defeat the first you need to use your new ability charged beam to destroy its outer shell. You can also use rockets to deal damage to the shield. Look out for the fire rings and the turret shooting at you that will deal damage and decrease your suit energy.

Try to collect as many missile tanks as you can to increase your missile capacity. With increase capacity, you will easily use all your missile to destroy the outer shell easily and then use the beam attack to defeat the core. Once you defeat the central unit you will obtain the omega beam that can be used to destroy the 2nd EMMI.

Note: Central unit is not the main boss of the area, rather it is a mini-boss that you need to defeat in order to get the omega cannon ability.

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