Far Cry 6- Ida’s Triada Relic Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, the Treasure Hunt “Ida’s Triada Relic” i.e. located in Madrugada below Fuego Valley, Dos Monjas Mogote. Similar to other Treasure Hunt rewards, it will provide you with 150 Experience and unique headgear i.e. Ida’s Sigil. However the inside of the cave is a complete maze, one wrong turn then you are lost. Therefore this guide is specially compiled that will help you to complete the Treasure Hunt “Ida’s Triada Relic” without breaking a sweat

Ida’s Triada Relic Treasure Hunt Walkthrough For Far Cry 6

Once you reach the designated location where the note is placed inside the box, read it and climb the rocks where the tattoos are drawn. The arrow will direct up where with the help of your rope, you can climb or ascend. Make your way up to the cave by climbing branches, ledges.

Once you reach the cave, it might be too confusing as there are tons of ziplines all attached that feel like a maze. The arrow on the wall guides you to the relic but one wrong turn might be a reason for the downfall. Therefore, you need to remember one thing, hop into a new zipline that overlaps below and is at reach, for example- as the first zip line you use straight can be detached in the middle to hop into another zipline i.e. running West.

The first usage of the zipline is two, then you climb up to use 3 ziplines and break the barricade. After climbing the ledges or edges, you will find a note that will notify you that it is all a test and the first obstacle is completed. Next, from there use Zipline and grapple to find another Zipline that crosses through the barricade.

After breaking the barricade, use Zipline and grapple to jump through a ditch. At this moment there are multiple ziplines but you need to hop into one extra i.e. Use Zipline and hop into another zipline going to the small cave way where pinkish flame light can be found.

Once you reach this part of the cave, everything is straightforward. Grapple and Zipline to make your way to climb the edges and ladder. After climbing the ladder, you can see Pink light below and Purple gas at the top where the relic is placed.

To reach that platform where the relic is placed along with a treasure, grapple your way and use Zipline all the way to the end without hopping and changing the ziplines. Ultimately, you will reach the bottom where the pinkish light glows. Climb or Jump up through the edges that will lead you to the Relic location. Beside Relic, there would be a chest or stash that contains “Ida’s Sigil” Headgear.

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