Far Cry 6- Secret Ending Or Alternate Ending

Far Cry 6

As we know in Far Cry 6 as well as other Far Cry series such as 4 and 5 had an alternate ending or secret ending depending on the choices you have to make knowing or unknowingly. To enjoy the secret ending if you are not aware of then this guide might prove to be useful for what you are seeking.

Secret Ending Or Alternate Ending In Far Cry 6

There are obviously two endings, one that is story-based or True Ending, and the other is a secret ending. For the secret ending, you will have to start the game and complete the main story missions that include recruiting allies, raiding outposts, and exploring the island of Yara.

Once you are assigned to the mission Libertard Rises where you have to clear and eliminate all enemies that are on both ships. After that mission, you will hop into the escape boat with Clara. During the cutscene, Clara will tell Dany that she has kept her promise that this boat is what all can be arranged which can sail to Miami.

The game does not intend to let you take the boat as Dany will exclaim that this boat will sink halfway to Miami. This hint is given to the players in order to let them know that there is another possible way that can be taken while the main mission was to talk to Juan. You can jump into the boat and “Enter as Driver” to drive away from the island.

After a certain distance, Dany will speak to herself that it is not her fight and the next thing we know after 3 months, she will be chilling on the beach while hearing Radio about the war in Yara. President Anton’s special forces have killed Clara Garcia the leader of the rebellious group Libertard.

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