Far Cry 6- How To Play Co-Op And Invite Friends

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 can be played with your friends and enjoy the Story Mode as well as Special Operations altogether. The PS4 and PS5 version of the game supports crossplay where players or friends can team up together to enjoy the missions and chaos. This guide is provided for the PS5 and PS4 versions, however, the same concept will be applied to the PC version where you can add or invite your friend to play Co-Op.

How To Play Co-Op And Invite Friends In Far Cry 6

Once you start the game, you can Pause the game to open the Menu page where including Store on the top right corner Friends Tab will be present. You can either search and play Story with your friends or play with random players who own this game.

The Trophy can only be unlocked or obtained by the host, so if you are joining a player to enjoy his story expedition, do not expect to obtain a trophy. To play Co-Op, make sure that you have completed the Du or Die Main Mission at “Isla Santuario”.

Other than the story, you can play Co-Op online mode “Special Operations” which will be accessible after completing the prologue and reaching any camp. Make sure that you join the host before they have selected the Special Operations Mission from the NPC’s at El Este, Madrugada, and Valle De Oro camps.

Accept the request to earn Moneda, but you need to know that the host will have the mission progress despite your friend’s progress. The only thing your friend can retain from their original save data or ID will be the Camp Resources, Upgraded Items, Purchased Items, Gathered Items, Ammunitions, Guerrilla Experience, and Buffs. Even if you are quite ahead, you can help out your friend who has purchased and started the game anew.

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