Far Cry 6- Fort Quito Armory Key And Weapon Chest For The Autocrat

Far Cry 6In Far Cry 6 at mission DU OR DIE, you have dispatched to the island Isla Santuario to steal the depleted Uranium for Juan. In the Fort there are many areas of interest, however, first, you will require an Armory Key that will unlock the door where the Uranium is kept. In this guide, we have mentioned the location of the Armory Key and the Weapon Chest that contains a signature weapon “The Autocrat” pistol.

Fort Quito Armory Key And Weapon Chest For The Autocrat

Once you are near Fort Quito, the layout of the building can be checked on the mini-map. Referring to the mini-map on the South-Western part of the map, there will be an extension of a room in the backside at the top floor visible on both opposite sides. At South-West of the map i.e. on the left side of the room inside Search Zone as shown in the image below.

Far Cry 6

You can reach this part of the room by climbing the ladder from the backside that connects to the window. Be careful as there will be a soldier in the room, who might hear you when you jump in. Later after collecting the Uranium, instead of going back to Clara’s Camp to deliver the Uranium, make sure you enter the room where the Gun symbol is shown on the map.

Climb down the ladder and near the stairs down, you will find a chest kept behind the cage. Examine the place where you will find the cage is barricaded with a wooden plank at the side. Break the wooden plank with your melee attack and enter the chamber to open the Weapon Chest to collect the signature weapon “The Autocrad” pistol.

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