Blox Fruits Roblox How To Get Devil Fruit At Level 1 Quickly Guide Tips

Blox Fruits is a role-playing game in Roblox with the anime concept of “One Piece” developed by go play eclipsis. Every player who just started the game love to get one of the devil fruit and take its power. If you are new to the game, this tip can help you quickly obtain one of the random devil fruit available in this game.

Note: If you buy Blox Fruits using ingame money, it will be replaced with your existing one. To use multiple Blox fruits power you need to buy them using Roblox coins. So if you got your favourite Blox Fruits from cousin dealer, do not use any other fruit else it will be replaced.

Roblox Blox Fruit How To Make Money Quickly

There are various ways to obtain a devil fruit in this game, but the easiest one is by searching around the islands where the number of players on the server is 1 or 2. The second method is by collecting 26000$ by collecting the treasure boxes around the islands.

1st Method

You can use the BTRoblox extension on your browser and search for the Blox Fruit game, there you can search for servers with fewer players. At the bottom, you will get an option to jump to the last page of the server where you will find 1 or 2 players. On that server, you can find Blox Fruits while exploring islands that look like a wrapped present.

2nd Method

The starting quests of the game only give you around 300$, but some of the treasure boxes that you can find on other islands give you 1000$-2000$. To obtain 26000$ quickly you need to first visit the pirate village and find the NPC with the name Misc. Set your spawn point on the pirate village and each time you join any server you will spawn on that village.

Note: The pirate island will be on the north side of the middle town.

On this island you will have two treasure boxes, which will give you 3000$, now leave the server and join again. Look for the treasure in the same spot and repeat this process until you make 26000$.

Note: Sometimes when you join a new server, the players there already have collected these treasure boxes, so they won’t spawn for you. You need to rejoin another server and continue to process.

1st Treasure Box

1st treasure box

Once you enter the island on the left side you will find this treasure beside the stairs.

2nd Treasure Box

Climb up the stairs and on the left side you will this treasure box.

Blox Fruits How To Get  Devil Fruit Quickly

Once you have collected 26000$, head over to the jungle area and you will find an NPC called Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin, he will give you a random Blox fruit for the amount you have collected. The higher your level, the more he charges for the random Blox Fruit, so using the above method, you could farm Blox fruits at an early level and then complete quests to level up your character.

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  1. Blox fruit user

    There are actually two more chests in Pirate island: 1 in Bobby’s house and one in front of the wall behind the Dark Teacher

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