New World- How To Get Azoth Or Farm Them Quickly

New WorldIn New World, Azoth is an important resource that is used to Fast Travel or increases the perk chance in tools. Speaking of tools, it plays an important role in collecting Azoth from every resource which we will explain how to do it. Even resetting the cooldown on Recalling to the house requires Azoth. In this guide, we have explained all the possible ways to farm or get Azoth.

How To Get Azoth Or Farm In New World

The best way to gather or farm Azoth would be to obtain a specific perk “Azoth Extraction” that simply provides a 34% chance when you finish gathering a node to gain 1 Azoth. The chance and number of Azoth obtained is quite low by this process, however, this has been proved the best way to passively farm Azoth if all the gathering tools have a special resource “Drop of Azoth Oil” selected. As the world is huge and gathering whatever resources you see will eventually accumulate the number of Azoth.

Another way to farm or obtain Azoth is from completing the side stories. There is a considerable amount of Azoth awarded per side stories but depending on earning Azoth through the rewards from side stories is not recommended. Once you reach level 20, the enemies will start dropping Azoth. Another way is to farm the Amrine Excavation dungeon that provides a vial of Azoth.

The way you will be earning Azoth after adding perks and killing enemies left to right will accumulate a decent amount of Azoth in a small time. If you are up for more informative guides on New World, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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