New World Fae Iron, Iron Ore, Iron Mine Where To Find & Collect

New World

New World is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Amazon Game Studios. Iron Ore, Ingot, and Fae Iron are a few of the resources you will need at the beginning of the game to craft better equipment for your character. Below you will find how to obtain these resources easily.

Fae Iron & Iron Ore Location New World

Fae Iron is a new world tier 2 resource that is quite uncommon to obtain. Although the source of the fae iron can be found anywhere on the map. You need to look out for the iron veins in various areas and mine them to get the Fae Iron. The primary resource that you will obtain from these iron veins is the iron ore from which you can make Iron ingots using a smelter.

Fae Iron is a resource that is used in various other things such as Arcana, engineering, and Weaponsmithing. As the resource is quite difficult to obtain, you need to mine a lot of iron veins to get these resources.

Above you can find an image where you can find Iron Viens or you can visit the interactive map HERE where you will find all the resource locations. Now there are some foods that grant you bonus stats on trade skills and you can increase your mining skill to have a better chance at getting the Fae Iron. The recipe that is easy to cook and will grant you bonus mining stats are Roasted Potatoes, and Herb-Roasted Potatoes.

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