Goose Goose Duck All Roles & Game Modes Explained How To Play

Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game similar to Among Us developed by Gaggle Studios, Inc. Although the game mechanics are quite similar, everything else is different about the game. The game got different game modes, there are various roles for survivors(Geese) and hunters (duck). Instead of spending money to buy cosmetics in this game, you will be able to play accumulate coins that you can spend to get cosmetics.

Goose Goose Duck All Roles Explained

Different roles of goose and duck are available in classic+ and you will be randomly assigned one of the various roles that I will explain below. Before playing the classic+ version you should be familiar with the roles to give you a better experience. Now the host of the game can activate or deactivate some of the roles, which means those won’t be assigned to any player. The various roles are:

Neutral Roles

The neutrals roles can be assigned to anyone geese or ducks.

  • Dodo – Will win the game if voted out by other players, for this to happen you need to act suspicious and convince another player you are a duck.
  • Vulture – Eat corpses of murdered geese to win, corpses are removed if another player spots and calls a meeting.
  • Pigeon – Infect all the players to win the game, don’t get voted out or killed by the duck.
  • Falcon – If you are the last survivor you will automatically win the game until you are alive geese win by completing tasks and ducks by sabotaging. If there are three players left, a timer will start and if within the time period the falcon lives, he will win the game.
Goose Roles
  • Gravy – Completing tasks increases the bounty that you will get at the end of the game, if you are killed by a duck, he will get the bounty.
  • Mechanic – Get the ability to use vents.
  • Snoop – Hide in nooks and crannies.
  • Vigilante – You can kill any one player without consequence, it can be geese or duck.
  • Technician – Detect the approximate location from where the sabotage started on the minimap.
  • Birdwatcher – Have a limited vision but can see through walls.
  • Medium – Can see ghosts of dead geese.
  • Canadian – If you are killed by a duck, the killer will auto-report after a short period of time.
  • Sheriff – Can kill anyone but killing a goose has fatal consequences.
  • Mimic – Other ducks will see you like a duck but can kill you.
  • Detective – Only once you can check if a player has killed someone in the game or not.
  • Bodyguard – Gain bonus coins by protecting a specific player until the end of the game.
Duck Roles
  • Cannibal – Can eat one corpse per game so that no one can report them.
  • Silencer – Mute a player in every meeting, useful when a player knows you are the killer.
  • Spy – You can find out the role of a player if you are the only one voting on him during the meeting.
  • Assassin – Can kill a goose by correctly guessing their role during a meeting, if you are wrong, you will die.
  • Professional – Cant self-report after killing and also other geese can’t see the dead body of the player you have killed, it will be auto-reported.
  • Hitman – If you kill a specific player, you will get a bonus at the end of the game.
  • Lover – Has a bond with another player and will win if both of them are the last ones to survive.
  • Morphling – Impersonate another player.

Goose Goose Duck All Game Modes Explained

There are three games available for you to host and enjoy with your friends. These game modes are:


This is a normal mode where the geese have to complete a certain number of tasks and all the tasks are completed they will in whereas the ducks have to sabotage or kill all the geese to win the game.

Geese need to keep an eye on the crewmates and start a meeting if found suspicious activity like using vents or killing another crewmate. In the meeting discuss with everyone and vote to kick the duck out.


This is the advanced version of the classic mode where all the roles mentioned above will be available and randomly assigned to all the players at the beginning of the game. The host can decide which roles to add or remove from the game.


There is only duck among all the players and he has to kill all the geese before the timer runs out. Geese can reduce the timer by complete various different tasks. Alive Geese task completion will reduce the timer by 4 seconds and dead geese task completion will reduce the timer by 1. You can also hide from the killer duck and let the timer run out to win the game.

Dine And Dash

In this mode, there will be two teams of red teams of killer ducks who have morphing roles against a blue team geese vulture roles and one player in the blue team will be a falcon that can kill faster than the ducks.

In the vulture role, if you eat the corpse of a murdered geese you will win the game, and the falcon can kill faster while if he kills all the geese all the only one remaining he will win the game. The ducks can impersonate using morphing ability and have to kill the falcon first and all the other geese to win the game.

Trick Or Treat

This is the new Halloween mode where geese are assigned the role of villager and duck is the vampire. Villagers have to complete tasks to call meetings and vote out the vampire. If you are killed by a vampire you will be turned into a thrall that will help vampires find or kill other villagers. If you are the last villager remaining a timer will start and if vampires or thralls can’t find you, you will win the game.

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