New World- Trial Of The Templar Mission Guide And Unlock Templar Gears

New World

In New World apart from normal missions, there are Faction Missions that let you earn Faction Tokens and Reputation. As your reputation goes high, higher-tier missions will be available. The Initiate Rank in Covenant Faction can be increased or advanced to Templar rank to unlock more and powerful gears and for that to happen, we need to complete the Trial Of The Templar. In this post, we will cover everything you need to pass this trial to advance your rank.

Trial Of The Templar Mission And Unlock Templar Gears Guide In New World

To unlock or obtain the Trial Of The Templar mission, you will have to earn 3000 Faction Reputation and reach the cap. Later, you will need to speak to Beatris Roose who can be located at Settlement in Brightwood. The level requirement to accept the mission is LVL 24.

After accepting the mission, it will be marked on your map as to where to track Bremen Luca. He will be found at Walsham where the Landmark is charted Level 27. In the marked location, you will find “The Journal Of Bremen Luca”. However, to defeat Bremen Luca, you might need to wait for an additional 5-10 min to spawn.

Once he spawns, defeat him with all your might but be careful as he hits hard. After defeating him, almost all the tasks will be completed and all you need to do is go back to Brightwood and talk to Beatris Roose. Complete the quest and collect new gears from the Covenant Armory. For more informative guides on New World, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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