New World- Trial Of The Scrivener Guide And Unlock Scrivener Gears

New World

In New World, at Syndicate Faction there rank or tier you are assigned at the beginning of the game is Initiate. As you keep on completing missions in either PvE or PvP, the faction reputation will be awarded and accumulated which varies drastically for PvE and PvP mode. In this guide, we are going to explain how to unlock the trial of the scrivener and what level is required to begin the mission.

Trial Of The Scrivener Mission Guide & Unlock Scrivener Gears In New World

At Brightwood Hamlet, talk to Laurentius Krockes aka Syndicate Scrivener. The map will be marked which will show where you need to go and complete the mission i.e. Walsham. At the marked location, Place Trace Absorber or Psychokinetic Absorber and defeat Gheist Malikor to complete the mission.

The mission can only be unlocked or obtained after you have reached Lvl 24 and earned 3000 Reputation Points. Make sure you isolate the ghost of Gheist Malikor from others as they might join him to defeat you. After that, you will have to recall the Psychokinetic Absorber from the ground.

Once you have completed the quest, you will have to move back and talk to the Syndicate Scrivener. After that, you can enjoy the Scrivener gears collection from the armory. For more informative guides on New World, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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