New World- Trial Of The Gladiator Travel To Cutlass Keys Mission Guide

New World

In New World, the Marauders Factioneer are hell-bent on earning profits and spoil depending on their own strength. In order to increase your rank and respective Tier Standing, you will have to complete the Marauder’s Trial of The Gladiator. The trials have specific conditions that require certain Reputation Points to advance your rank and unlock the respective gears from the Armory. In this guide, we have explained how to travel to Cutlass Keys and complete the trial.

Trial Of The Gladiator Travel To Cutlass Keys Mission Guide In New World

Initially, the rank or tier that you have been placed in will be at Initiate regarding any Factions. At Marauder Faction, the required Reputation Point and Level would be 3000 and 24 respectively to be eligible for the trial. Once you have accepted the trial and travel towards your objective which will be marked on the map just above Cutlass keys at Nautilus Of Nunez.

Skip all the normal enemies and make your way to the abandoned ship where Captain Hamidou can be located. At that place, there would be small enemy skeletons patrolling in the ship whom you can either skip and focus on the Captain as he is your target. Isolate and eliminate the captain to complete the quest and make your way back to the Cutlass Keys Hamlet Settlement at Homely Hills to meet Winifred Silas or Ravager Silas as all may presume.

You will achieve Gladiator Standing or ranking and can access the gears that are exclusively available for this specific ranking or above from the armory. For more informative guides on New World, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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