New World Destiny Unearthed Get The Heartgem In Armine Excavation

New World

New World is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Amazon Game Studios. The Destiny Unearthed is a main quest of the Soulwarden storyline. You will get this quest from Yonas Alazar whom you will find in the Monarch’s Bluff area. In the area of Fisherman’s Bend, you can find this NPC, and to complete this quest you need to be a minimum of level 25 but that’s not all below you will find a complete guide on how to complete this quest and obtain the item “Heartgem”.

New World Destiny Unearthed How To Get Heartgem

You need to obtain the item or resource called “Heartgem” to complete this quest and to obtain this item you need to enter the Armine Excavation. Once you enter the Armine Excavation you need to explore the area and search for the main boss Simon Grey. He will be located at the Obelisk Cavern that you can find on top part of the area.

You need to defeat the main boss but in order to do so, you need to be in a group of 3-4 people. You won’t be able to defeat him solo if you are under leveled that the main boss. Once you defeat Simon Grey, do not exit the excavation, rather look on your right to find a bench with glowing blue light.

Go near the glowing light, interact with it to obtain the “Heartgem” and once you have collected it, go back to Yonas Alazar to receive your reward. The rewards for completing this mission are:

  • XP – 5000
  • Gold – 79.5
  • Item – Soulwarden’s Ring (T3)
  • Azoth – 100

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