New World- Snail And Clam Fishing Location For Baited

New WorldIn New World, there are various types of quests that can be obtained from the NPC’s all around the map. Therefore one of the quests “Baited” i.e. obtained from Dena Ruby or from the Master Fisher Ruby. After accepting the quest, it will be experienced that it is one of the lowest difficult quests where we need to catch Snail, and Clam at Fresh Water and Salt Water respectively to salvage it for Bait creation. In this guide, we have explained where to find the Snail and Clam for quick fishing.

Snail And Clam Fishing Location For Baited In New World

There are multiple fishing spots, however, there are few fishing hotspots where you might catch multiple snail and fish. Instead of flocking and gathering at the hotspot which will be eventually crowded, you can find Freshwater and Saltwater every here and there.

We have tried fishing at random Freshwater or Saltwater which will allow you to catch snail and clam but the chances of getting one are very low. Even Snail or Aquatic snail can be caught easily but Clam is of higher Tier where you will be spending more time.

It is recommended to catch Clam at Stolen Shores which is completely a Saltwater zone, there are no such fishing hotspots for clams in that zone. It is recommended to catch snails at Faith’s Bounty or any Freshwater zone but the chances still remain low or moderate. Few fishing hotspots such as Hatchburg Fishery below Light’s Crown, produce a number of snails, or chances of getting snails at hotspot area are pretty high.┬áIncrease chances by using baits such as Woodlouse Bait for Freshwater and Nightcrawler Bait for Saltwater.

After catching Snail and Clam, open your inventory and salvage both items to create the required snail bait and clam bait. Talk to Dallas Clemenson who will be marked on your map. For more informative guides on New World, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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