New World- How To Upgrade The Camp Tier To Tier 2

New WorldIn New World where servers are packed and XP’s are earned like falling water, due to the condition where the quests are available after gaining a certain level. The quest to upgrade the Camp Tier might be small but tricky for some fellow players and for that reason we have compiled a small guide. The location and the process are mentioned in this guide to walk you through easily.

How To Upgrade The Camp Tier To Tier 2 In New World

After your Character has reached Level 15, you can actually click and obtain the Levelling rewards from your Character Screen. Under that, you will unlock a Third Consuamble slot and a Survivalist Quest (Camp Tier Upgrade) i.e. “Survivalist: Friends in Fashion” quest which upgrades the camps you can build by one-tier.

At Monarch’s Bluffs, you will have to unlock the settlement i.e. Monarch’s Bluffs Hamlet where you can find a lady Bercina Thornton. Talk to her where she will advise gaining an ally or friend by bringing some Ancient textiles as a gift to complete the quest and earn “Monarch’s Wish” as a reward.

Accept the quest which will be updated where you will have to find pieces of tattered silk from skeletons at Antares and Achernar. The quest is recommended for Level 17 or higher characters and if completed, then the Camp Tier can be upgraded to Tier 2 which will unlock more recipes and items.

To unlock Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5 in a similar fashion you need to reach Level 25, 40, and 55 respectively, and obtain the Survivalist quest to complete. For more informative guides on New World, you can read the previous posts that might help you grind easily.

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