New World briar branches no confidence stew & peppercorn how to find

New World

New World is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Amazon Game Studios. Briar Branches and peppercorns are a few of the resources that you might have a tough time locating on the vast map.

You will need to find Briar branches for the quest No Confidence Stew from the Barkeep Domnall Cormack. Along with the Briar Branches, you need to find skinned turkey and plucked turkey. Below you will find where to find the Briar Branches and peppercorns.

New World Briar Branches Location

To find the briar branches, you need to head over to any riverside area and harvest the Briar Bush. These plants are mostly thorny bushes with thin branches that grow a lot near the riverside area. You can check our previous guide on rivercress stem and petal cap location and near the rivercress stem plant, you will find the Briar Branches. Else you can check out the image shown above to easily find the branches.

You can harvest these branches with bare hands and don’t need any certain level to harvest them. While harvesting these branches you will also get Briar buds, Firefly bait, and Thorny vines.

Note: It can be found near most of the riverside, but you get a lot in the marked area in the image above.

New World How To Get Peppercorn Location

Peppercorn is one of the main ingredients that you need to for cooking a lot of food in this game. Foods give you bonus stats that help you in various ways such as boosting attack, harvesting skills, and much more. Few of the recipes that require peppercorn as an ingredient are Roasted Potatoes, Herb roasted Carrots, Condiment Provisions, Meat Pie, and much more.

Most of the spices and ingredients can be found on Monarchs Bluffs, you need to find a small purple color herb plant. Keep harvesting them to get peppercorn, Hyssop, Oregano, and paprika.

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