In Sound Mind How To Make To Watcher Come Out Of Shinitzu Tv

In Sound Mind

In Sound Mind is a first-person psychological horror game developed by We Create Stuff. After going through the compressor room vents, you will come across an area with a lot of televisions and a mirror. From the mirror take left and then right to go near the door with a button. There you will find a fuse.

You need to use the fuse to power up the room and then press the button. Check out the below image on where you need to put the fuse. Once the fuse is in place, go near the door again and press the red button. As soon as you press the button all the television will turn on with eyes looking at you.

Now you need to visit the room with the XXL Shinitzu Tv and it will automatically turn on with a girl on the screen. Below you will find out how to make the watcher come out of the TV into the mirror and how to get out of that area.

In Sound Mind Find Watcher in Tv Room

Once you reach the room with the big TV, you need to interact with all the small television in that room. Interacting with the television will change the direction of the eyes. The girl on the big TV screen doesn’t like to get watched as she doesn’t like herself. She thinks she is a monster and can’t look into the mirror and face her own reflection.

Change the direction of the eyes towards the big TV screen on the girl. She will get furious at you for making everyone look at her. The watcher will break the TV and come at you. Lure the watcher to the mirror to destroy her and open a  pathway to the next area.

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