In Sound Mind Gun Parts Location Where To Find Slide, Barrel & Grip

In Sound Mind

In Sound Mind is a first-person psychological horror game developed by We Create Stuff. The main protagonist is a psychiatrist who is trying to find the cause of her patient death. As we have seen in the game picture the main character do have a gun and you need to craft that in the workbench.

To craft a gun, you need to find three different parts, on different floors. The slide will be available on the second floor on top of the vending machine. The barrel will be available on the 1st floor taped under the table and the grip behind the middle laundry machine in the basement. For a detailed guide on how to reach these parts check the below images.

In Sound Mind How To Get A Gun

Once you have collected all the gun parts you will be able to craft them in the workroom on the workbench. The locations of the parts are:


The slide part of the gun is the easiest one to find. Once you are out of the elevator on the 2nd floor. There will be a vending machine on your right side. Climb up the vending machine to find the slide.


The maintenance room will be on the left side hallway from the elevator. Once you are out of the elevator turn left and the first door on the right side will be the maintenance room. In front of the door, you can find a “Employees Only” sign. Enter the maintenance room and in front of you will some spilled chemicals. On the left side of the chemical, you will find a table. Crouch and check under the table to find the barrel.


The grip can be a little tricky to obtain, it will be in the basement laundry room behind the third machine. You need to move the laundry machine to collect the grip. To move the laundry machine, you need to fuse from under the elevator, use it on the machine and collect the grip.

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