Unmetal How To Get Radio, Rope, Anchor & Secret In Chapter 1

Unmetal is a 2.5D stealth action-adventure game that is filled with satire and humor developed by @unepic_fran. In this game, you play as a character named Jesse Fox, who claims he is not military and arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.

You will start the game from a military base where you need to escape through a tunnel using the help of Colonel Alan Harris. You need to provide an encrypted radio to the colonel to complete this chapter.

Unmetal How To Get Radio

To get the radio you need to defeat the two guards shown in the above image and then search them. You need to first search the second guard to get the first radio and then another guard. You need to combine the radio with the circuit that you will find inside the room. Once you have combined the radio and circuit, the radio will turn into encrypted radio that you can give to Colonel Harris.

Unmetal How To Get Rope

To get the rope you need to break the box as shown in the above image by hitting it with punches. Before reaching the box, you need to defeat both the guards that will be on alert and won’t get distracted with coins.

Unmetal How To Get Anchor

To get the anchor you need to go towards the right side as shown in the above image where you will find the chapter 1 main boss Grenade Guy. You need to defeat the grenade guy with the slingshot that you have made from the branch and eye patch.

To use depleted uranium you need to first find the branch and eye patch by searching guards. Combine both the items to make a slingshot to defeat the grenade guy. Try to stay far from the grenade guy so he throws the grenade in the air giving you time to roll and escape.

Unmetal Secret Of Chapter 1

As shown in the above image, roll under the pipes and punch the wall marked in red. Hitting it with few punches will break the wall and you will find the chapter 1 secret.

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