Roblox Squid Game List, Fish Game, Glass, Honeycomb & How To Play

Roblox is an online game platform where players can create their own games with different themes. Roblox is developed by Roblox Corporation and is available on all platforms including mobile. Squid Game is the latest South Korean television show that is available on Netflix to watch.

The show has gathered massive popularity due to the features of various children’s games with gore and violent endings. While Roblox is a child-friendly game, the squid game show is not so much. Still, many fans trying to recreate the games in Roblox and if you try to search squid game in the search bar, a lot of knockoffs will be available for you to play.

Below you will find the list of games available in Roblox that has been taken from squid games with fewer bugs and more players. I have tried only 3 different types of games till now and one of the developers have promised to bring out more like tug of war, honeycomb, and Candy.

Roblox Squid Game List

Green Light Red Light

Go-Stop (Korean: 고스톱; RR: Goseutop) is one of the most popular games you might have played in your childhood. Although the name might seem different to you the concept remains the same. The green light red light game is available on Roblox under the “Fish Game” name developed by GOODJUJU. If you have already watched the Tv show or played this game in your childhood, you will be familiar with the rules.
Glass Game

A game similar to the glass game is available on Roblox with the name “Squid Game X [2 Gamemodes]” by redifi. This Roblox game features two game modes, green light red light, and glass. While the developer has promised other game modes are coming soon.

In this game, players have to choose a number and later the RNG number will be displayed on the screen. The players that choose the correct RNG number or choose a number that is near to the RNG number will go through the glass panel last.

You need to cross through the glass panel and reach the other side, but some of the glass panels will be loose and once you step on them, they will break. The player going last will have the advantage as he will know which glasses are loose.

Sugar Honeycomb

The Roblox game with Sugar Honeycomb mode can be found in “Squid Game [ORIGINAL]” by @SirBloxy007. In this Roblox game, you have to select a shape and you need to walk on the edge of that shape to reach the other end. If you fall down from the edge of the shape, you will be eliminated.

The Sugar Honeycomb game can be hard to replicate in Roblox as it uses a needle and sugar honeycomb to carve out the shape.

As of now, we could find only these three-game taken from squid games into Roblox that has fewer bugs and a lot of players. If you could find any other game, do share it with us in the comments.

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