New World Queue Time, Server Queue, Server Status & How Long To Wait

New World

New World is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Amazon Game Studios. Despite being one of the multinational company who handles maximum web servers with the AWS, the AAA game developed by them have a lot of issues with their server.

Players who have created their characters in high population servers have to wait a lot of time in the queue to be able to join the server. As of now, players are able to create only two characters per region and if they want to join a new server, they have to delete their old character and start the game from the beginning prologue.

Note: You can check all the details about the New World Server HERE. Check the server in which you have made the character and the queue time to enter the server.

New World Why So Long Queue Time?

The reason for this huge queue time is because a particular server can only accommodate 2000 players. But any number of players can create a character in that particular server. For example, if 4000 players have created a character in a particular server, only 2000 players can play at the same time and the remaining 2000 players have to wait for the players in-game to leave.

The major problem is that you can’t take your character to any other server if a particular server is full. To play in any other server you have to again create a new character and start the grind again. If a player has a level 20-25 character in a server and the server population increases as more and more players joining the game, the player with a high-level character has to wait in the queue time to be able to enter the server.

Rather than increasing the capacity of the server to more than 2000, Amazon just simply using their AWS to deploy more servers. So a server with a population of 10000-20000 has so high queue time that players might have to wait a day or weeks in the queue to enter the server.

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