Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Case Mind Map Chapter 3

Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First CaseIn Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Case we had a major case involving the murder of none other than Major who had an altercation with Gedeon. In Chapter 3 (The Major), the killer has not yet left the mansion and it might be anyone who were present at the dinner. Everyone is a suspect but first, the body and crime scene inspection is a must to gather evidence that might link to the killer. In this guide, we have mentioned all the solutions of the mind map for Chapter 3.

Mind Map Chapter 3 In Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Case

In Chapter 3, you will be working all the time in the crime scene unfolding the mystery behind the killing and the culprit who is still inside the mansion. Below we have listed all the major evidence that can be linked to other evidence in order to solve and get one step closer to the truth.

Investigate the blackmail

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Determine what happened prior to the Major's murder

  • Ice bucket (Remaining ice cube) —–> Carpet (Damp floor)
  • Carpet (Bucket was overturned) —–> Dent in plaster (Unrepaired)
  • Safe (Jewellery box) —–> Wallet (Sum of money)
  • Safe (Valuable not taken) —–> Open Window (Second floor window)
  • Door to the Major’s Bedroom (Logical entry point) —–> Dent in plaster (Evidence of a fight)

Deduce who may be responsible for the Major's death and obtain the murder weapon

  • The Major’s corpse (Single stab wound) —–> The Major’s Jacket (Missing knife)
  • Burnt carpet (Burn mark) —–> Ashtray (Half smoked cigar)
  • Desk (Very tidy) —–> Ice bucket (Bucket was overturned)
  • Ashtray (Ring of dust) —–> Fireplace (Mouldy legs)
  • Poker stand (Clean) —–> Ice bucket (crime scene was compromised)
  • Fireplace (Unused) —–> Matchbox (Empty)
  • Burnt carpet (Evidence of smoking) —–> Matchbox (No fire source)
  • The Major’s Study (Killer’s entry to the room was unobstructed) —–> Matchbox (Someone lit the Major’s cigar)
  • The Major’s Study (Major knew his killer) —–> Desk(crime scene was compromised)

Determine who in the house warrants cautious attention.

  • Demanding letter (Hugo’s positive work is mentioned) —–> Gedeon (Gedeon is a supporter of the unions)
  • Curious Letter (Mention of helping the family) —–> Ernesto (Ernesto supports the family)
  • Threatening letter (Close to Cassandra) —–> Margaux (Margaux protective of Cassandra)
  • Curious Letter (Love for Cassandra mentioned) —–> Archibald (Cassandra has multiple admirers)
  • The Major’s Study (Killer may still be in the building) —–> Demanding letter (Multiple guests threatened the Major)

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