Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Case Mind Map Chapter 2

In Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Case, the second chapter involves a dispute between the Major and Gedeon. The Altercation between these two gentlemen holds quite a background or secret that Hercule Poirot has to sense and unveil that might be connected to the blackmailing case. Therefore at Chapter  2, we have mentioned all the Mind Map connection that has to be made in order to proceed through the story.

Mind Map Chapter 2 For Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Case

Chapter 2 started with a heated argument between Gedeon and the Major. There must be some kind of connection that might help crack the case after watching such animosity. The Mind Map or Memory Map that might link the evidence are mentioned below:

Investigate the blackmail

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Find out about the circumstances surrounding the altercation

  • Gedeon (Brothers have a history with the Major) —–> Margaux (The Major doesn’t like Gedeon)
  • Cassandra (Hastily arranged marriage) —–> Zakariya (Gedeon looking forward to family fortune)
  • The Major’s Cigar (Gedeon had one of the Major’s cigars) —–> The Major (The Major wanted to calm down)
  • The Major (The Major views the family as high-class) —–> Zakariya (Differing status)
  • The Major (The Major thinks the Demirs are bad for the family) —–> Gedeon (The Major intended to warn Angeline)

Meet the other guests and uncover their connections to the family

  • Salon (Bottle of alcohol) —–> Zakariya (Zakariya is intoxicated)
  • Ernesto (Ernesto helped out the family) —–> The Major (The Major supports the family)
  • The Major (The Major supports the family) —–> The Major (The Major’s been around since the Viscount’s death)
  • Jackie (Jackie dismisses Hugo argument) —–> Hugo (Hugo resistant to elaborate)
  • The Major (The Major is very closer to the family) —–> Jackie (Jackie’s blackmailer theory)
  • Current House finances (Layoffs related to money issues) —–> Ernesto (Family still need help)
  • The Major (The Major didn’t treat Cassandra well) —–> Margaux (Margaux protective of Cassandra)

Find out how staff members may be linked into recent events

  • Butler’s Pantry (Staff photo) —–> Great Hall ( Staff rota)
  • Butler’s Pantry (Insufficient staff) —–> Termination Papers (Staff termination)
  • Current House Finances (Family taking care of money now) —–> Termination Papers (Recent staff layoffs)
  • Cassandra (Cassandra dismissive of forbidden areas) —–> Inge (Staff know family is hiding something)
  • Termination Papers (Forbidden areas of the house) —–> Archibald (Archibald claims unsatisfactory work)

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