Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Case Memory Map Chapter 1

Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Case

In Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Case at Chapter 1 where we have to investigate the case of blackmail directed towards the Van den Bosch family. You are invited by the request of Angeline as the crisis is impeded and to solve before any mishap, she only trusts the one and only Hercule Poirot who not only solved the case of missing Bracelet but also left an everlasting impression on her. In this guide, we have mentioned all the Memory Map links that you need to connect in order to advance through the story.

Memory Map For Chapter 1 In Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Case

There are a total of 4 Memory Maps in Chapter 1 (The Blackmail), where the evidence collected requires a thorough inspection to connect the dots and reveal secrets. There are multiple characters to which there are multiple approaches to consider and hence solve the memory map. Below we have mentioned the complete solution for Chapter 1 Memory Map.

Note: The left top section in your Memory Map indicates how many connections can be formed as per the current evidence.

Investigate the blackmail

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Locate your room and get settled into your surroundings.

  • Great Hall (Locked Dining Room door) —–> Great Hall (Locked Salon door)
  • Great Hall (Rooms for tonight’s event) —–> Archibald (Staff are very busy)
  • Zakariya (Very few staff working) —–> Archibald (Archibald is stressed)
  • Room assigned by Archibald (Changing screen) —–> Room assigned by Archibald (Perfume bottles)
  • Room assigned by Archibald (Room prepared for female guest) —–> Archibald (Archibald stressed due to lack of staff)
  • Exquisite painting (Group of saints) ——> Exquisite painting (Plaques above doors)
  • Exquisite painting (Seven saints assigned to rooms) —–> Gedeon (Guests residing on 1st floor)
  • Gedeon (One door missing) —–> Zakariya (Zakariya says family holds a few secrets)

Find out what happened to Elizabeth, Florette and the Van den Bosch family since you last met.

  • Great Hall (Receipt) —–> Great Hall (Tag on Vase)
  • Elizabeth (Luc passed away) —–> Elizabeth (Elizabeth  hasn’t been herself)
  • Florette (Elizabeth upset Florette was dismissed) —–> Elizabeth (Elizabeth mourns for Luc)
  • Financial records (Gedeon believes finances are in-order) —–> Great Hall (Family keeping up appearances)
  • Gedeon (Angeline guilty about dismissal) —–> Angeline (Angeline mindful of staff)
  • Angeline (Angeline is trying to redeem herself) —–> Angeline (Angeline tried to contact Florette)

Consider the nature of blackmail letters

  • Great Hall (Quill pen) —–> Second blackmail letter (Handwritten)
  • Archibald (Staff concerned for Angeline) —–> Cassandra (Madame unaware of payment)
  • Mnemosyne House (House holds many secrets) —–> Mnemosyne House (Staff aware of blackmail)
  • First blackmail letter (Blackmailer wishes family to leave the manor) ——> Great Hall (House deeds)

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