New World Deluxe How To Get The Woodsman Armor & Weapons

New World

New World is a massive online multiplayer game developed by Amazon Game Studios, Double Helix Games. The game was just released recently and players like me are having a hard time finding our deluxe cosmetics that were promised on the launch date.

Although the game is not pay to win and you need to grind real hard to rank up your characters. The cosmetics that the deluxe edition is offering won’t increase your stats. Those are for visuals only but there are better-looking skins.

The list of items you will get if you have bought the deluxe edition are:

  • Woodsman Boarding Axe Skin
  • Woodsman Armor Skin
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors Emote Set
  • Mastiff House Pet

The list of items you will get if you have pre-ordered the game are:

  • Isabella’s Amulet
  • Fist Bump Emote
  • Guild Crest Set

We have checked our inventory multiple times for any woodsman armor and axe skin to our surprise there are none. The deluxe edition cost $49.99 and the bonus items should have been delivered to our inventory once the game launches. Only the pre-order and deluxe edition emotes are available to us and you can use emotes in this game by pressing the “P” button.

Players can buy a house in your settlement once they reach level 15 and then only you will get the Mastiff House Pet once you reach level 20. I haven’t reached the recommended level to have the house pet yet, so I have no idea if players are actually getting the pet when they buy a house. I will update you soon once I reach the required level.

As of now, we have no idea how to claim the bonus items and the official website says that once the game launches we will get them in our inventory. If you have any idea on how to claim these bonus items do share with us and our viewers in the comments.

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