New World No Available Worlds High Ping How To Join A Server

New World Beta

New World is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Amazon Game Studios. The was on open beta last year and was supposed to release in 2021. Players are able to launch the game but unable to join any available world or create a character. The server launch time is on 28th September and below you can see the official tweet as well as which time the server will be starting.

A lot of players might be confused as to why the game is available to launch before the server are up and believe it so are we. If they have planned to on the server on a specific date, it should be available to launch at the same time.

The preload has already started as they mentioned it will be on 27th September but like all new games on steam have their server running with the launch of the game. Well, this is the second AAA game developed by Amazon Game Studios and unlike Crucible, this game has got huge success during the beta period. We might cut some slack to the studio as to why players are able to launch the game when the server is not even up yet and no available world to choose from.

Players like me who are a bit confused and kept refreshing the menu continuously might get some relief with this news. I suggest you close the game as wait for the server to be up and running else the steam will count how many hours you have played even if you haven’t joined any server. You can refund the game if you didn’t like it if you have played for less than 2 hours.

New World High Ping

As the game servers are not up and running players might be experiencing high ping while choosing any available world to join. I suggest you wait for the official time when the servers will be up to check the ping. If you are still getting high ping, check your region or talk to your ISP as to why routing to the particular server is taking so much time.

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