Kena Bridge Of Spirits How To Parry, Block & How Long To Beat Game

Kena Bridge Of Spirits

Kena Bridge Of Spirits is an action-adventure game developed by Ember Lab. If you are playing in a hard difficult setting, parrying is the most important thing in this game. If you will be successful in parrying most of the attacks, taking down big main bosses won’t be that difficult for you. Below you will find how to successfully parry in this game and how long to beat the game.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits How-To Parry

Almost in all the games parrying remains the same, you need to press the block button at the correct time. The correct time to block the incoming attacks will be just before you are about to get hit press the block button to parry the attack. Parrying an enemy attack will stagger them and give you some time to inflict damage.

The block button on the console is “L1” while on PC it is the “E” key. When you press the block button in this game, an energy bubble surrounds you protecting you from incoming attacks. The bubble does get weak after taking damage and will turn reddish. Once the bubble has blocked enough damage, it will break and you might be in a vulnerable state. There is also an ability that grants you bonus rot combat ability action upon successful parrying.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits How Long To Beat The Game

This story of the game is not that long and as it is not a AAA title and has been developed only by a 14 member group. If you are only trying to complete the main quest of the game without searching for any cursed chest or Rots, you will complete the game within 8-10 hours. The game has some fairly challenging puzzles that might make you scratch your head and add some additional time to your game completion.

If you are trying to find all the collectibles that include spirit mail, Rots, and cursed chest without any guide or help, it might take you 20-25 hours to complete the game. As there are various different types of collectibles scattered across the map and some can be a bit difficult to locate.

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