Kena Bridge Of Spirits Adira Memory Locations & Where To Find Them

Kena Bridge Of Spirits

Kena Bridge Of Spirits is an action-adventure game developed by Ember Lab. The memories are about the past of the spirit you are about to free. Adira has 3 memories scattered across the fields and the village heart. Below you will find the location and walkthrough of all three memories and where to find them.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Adira Memories Location

1st Adira Memory

Head over to the location shown in the above image by taking the path as shown. Once you use the broken rocks, pillars, and the flower to climb up the cliff. Take the right pathway to reach the area shown in the below image.

There use your bomb ability on the rock to expose the flower that will pull you up. Once you are up the cliff, look back and move your camera towards the upper right side to find another flower. Use that flower to jump again on the upper platform and in front of you will find a small cave with a hammer. Interact with that hammer to find the first memory. If you are having trouble locating the cave, check out our youtube video below.

2nd Adira Memory

The second memory can be found after you have cleared the corruption of the ancient well. On your way to the field, you will find a great view on the left side. There once you reach the area shown in the above image, a rot will fly towards the pillar with a blue flame. Interact with rock there to find the second memory scroll.

Note: If you have cleared the corruption of ancient well and forgot to collect the memory, you won’t be able to visit the sacred site and enter the game. You need to use the elevator and keep going forward to find the second memory. Check out our youtube video above to find the exact location.

3rd Adira Memory

The third memory is located in the cave on the way to the village’s heart. Keep going through the cave till you reach the location shown in the above image. There you will find a Rot floating towards broken roots and shattered rock. Interact with the rock and follow the golden yellow orb to find the third memory.

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