Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Cases Memory Map Prologue

Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot

In Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Cases, Detective Hercule Poirot needs to solve the mystery of the stolen Bracelet by gathering all the pieces of evidence from the surroundings and learning more about the characters. The Memory-Map is a place where you decipher and connect dots to solve the mystery. It can be quite tricky as the information starts to flow and for that, we have compiled this guide which will answer all the Memory Maps instilled in the Prologue.

Memory Map Prologue Puzzle Solution For Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Cases

There are a total of 5 Memory Maps in the Prologue (The Bracelet) which you will unlock gradually by observing and deciphering the evidence. Without further ado, we will provide you key points for all the Memory Maps which can help you connect the dots and proceed through the story.

Note: The left top section in your Memory Map indicates how many connections can be formed as per the current evidence.

Investigate the grounds for evidence of an intrusion

  1. Garden Lawn – (Waterlogged patch) —–> Front of House – (Muddy footprints)
  2. Side Of House – (Wooden ladder) —–> Front of House – (Open window)
  3. Side Of House – (Side door) —–> Front of House – (Front door)
  4. Side Of House – (No scaled access) —–> Front of House – (No forced entry)
  5. Elizabeth – (Intruder didn’t use the path) —–> Elizabeth –(Intruder didn’t use the lawn)
  6. Elizabeth – (No unlawful access through the garden) —–> Side Of House – (No unlawful entry to the house)

Find out why Cassandra accused Florette so hastily

  1. Lounge Door – (Strange symbol) —–> Garden – (Quote on a plague)
  2. Main Hall – (Missing painting) —–> Main Hall – (Action crate)
  3. Elizabeth – (Elizabeth confirmed spare key) —–> Lounge Door – (Interest in shakespeare)
  4. Lounge – (Final demand) —–> Main Hall – (Telephone)
  5. Lounge – (Cassandra is desperate for money) —–> Angeline – (Valuables are insured)

Investigate the Crime Scene

  1. Angeline’s Bedroom – (Broken glass) —–> Photograph Of Gentleman – (Unprotected)
  2. Angeline’s Bedroom – (Abandoned poker) —–> Angeline’s Bedroom – (Open window)
  3. Lounge – (Personalized handkerchief) —–> Angeline’s Bedroom –(Cleaning rag)
  4. Elizabeth – (Angeline removed soot stain) —–> Fireplace – (Fallen soot)
  5. Fireplace – (Angeline stashed her keepsake in the chimney) —–> Angeline’s Bedroom –(Someone forced the window open from inside)

Confirm Florette's innocence or guilt

  1. Angeline’s Bedroom – (Abandoned poker) —–> Lounge – (Poker stand)
  2. Lounge – (Collection slip) —–> Wet Parcel – (Address label)
  3. Florette – (Florette was dawdling) —–> Lounge – (Parcel was collected from tailors)
  4. Florette – (Florette was running errand for Elizabeth) —–> Elizabeth – (Cassandra watched Florette after she returned)
  5. Cassandra – (Theft fits Cassandra’s insurance scam) —–> Elizabeth – (Florette had no opportunity)
  6. Angeline – (Cassandra became aggressive with Florette) —–> Elizabeth – (Cassandra previously mistreated Florette)
  7. Cassandra – (Florette was scapegoated) —–> Angeline – (Florette is mistreated by Madame)

Uncover Elizabeth's Secret

  1. Lounge – (Note from Luc) —–> Garden – (Bench carving)
  2. Lounge – (Elizabeth and Luc are courting) —–> Main Hall – (Gold Band)
  3. Lounge – (Formal suit) —–> Main Hall – (Elizabeth and Luc are betrothed)

Stay tuned for more informative guides or walkthroughs on Agatha Christie- Hercule Poirot: The First Cases which we will update soon.

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