Lost Judgement- The Cafe Robber Case Guide On How To Unlock Door

Lost Judgement

In Lost Judgement, the side cases can occur in any city as the number of degenerates and lowlife are crawling all around the corner. However, at Kamurocho in Tenkaichi Street, you will find yet another side case that requires less time to solve or complete. In this guide, we have provided a complete walkthrough guide step by step that will help you at any instance when you are stuck.

The Cafe Robber Case Guide On How To Unlock Door In Lost Judgement

After learning “Office Alone 4” has been filming at another location, the Keyword will be added which you will need to search via Buzz Researcher. Both results would be at the same location, which will be close to your current location. Run all the way to the place to initiate a cutscene.

After reaching the place, the biggest blunder would be skipping the text without reading as Yagami will say that it “I don’t see any staff around… This is fishy. I should observe a storefront for a bit.” As soon as you skip the case will be updated to “Head to the Back of Cafe Alps”. The ones who have missed the text should have run to the back in need of searching the way to the back of the cafe, however, you will not be able to enter the cafe or the quest cannot be updated.

First, you need to investigate or use Observation Mode and Focus on the yellow signboard to examine. Rotate it and Focus on SOS. After that, the case will be updated, and the next thing you know that you are Lockpicking the cafe’s backdoor. After learning about the situation, use the box to hide in and crawl slowly evading the robber’s glance. If the robber notices you, he will kick the box revealing your disguise, and start the fight.

Once you defeat him, the victim will push you releasing the robber which will initiate the chase. Catch him to complete the mission and earn the Extract Recipe: Smoke Bomb Tactic. Your process of capturing the robber was recorded and the rumor is circulating i.e. it is one of the filming. For a more informative guide on Lost Judgement, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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