Lost Judgement Best Style Skills And When It Can Be Used Efficiently

Lost JudgementIn Lost Judgement, the difficulty settings at the beginning determine the combat system of the game. There are a total of 3 martial arts combat styles that Yagami has mastered which he can use depending on your preference and styling. In this guide, we have explained what we think about the styles and where they can be used efficiently against the mobs or bosses.

Best Style Skills And When It Can Be Used Efficiently In Lost Judgement

Each style has certain advantages according to the types of enemies you are going up against which we have mentioned below, however personally, investing Skill Points on Snake Style at the beginning will improve your game and experience way beyond other styles. For flashy moves, there are specific EX skills related to the Styles, but survivability can prove to be more useful if you are playing at a higher difficulty.

Crane Style

Among the combat styles Yagami uses, it is one of the most evasive styles which is efficient when dealing with a large number of enemies in a cramped-up space. His Quickstep and Sky Dancer ability allows you to deal damage and combo while evading attacks. While using this style, you can feel the fluidity in Yagami’s attack.

Tiger Style

This combat style allows Yagami to focus on dealing heavy damage to a single target. It is a balanced style with a variation of offensive and defensive maneuvers. The charged attacks are stronger that deals heavy damage as well as break guards.

Snake Style

The combat style which can actually parry or deflect the attack and lower the balance of the target. It is useful against the enemies that have brought weapons in the fistfight. This style solely focuses on parrying lighter enemies from front or behind.

Certain Skills can be unlocked after obtaining the skill books which we will update as soon as we find their location. Till then if you are up for more guides on Lost Judgement, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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