Aragami 2 Mission 7-12 All Collectibles & Blueprint Location Walkthrough

aragami 2

Aragami 2 is a stealth third-person game developed by Lince Works. Below you will find all the golden statue, dye, and rune blueprints locations and how to get them easily.

Aragami 2 Mission 7-12 All Collectibles, Dye & Blueprint Location

Mission 7 Approaching The Mines

The first collectible can be in the marked area shown above. As soon as you start the mission, you will be able to locate the marked area shown above. Reach till that house door and look down on the right side to find a platform with the golden statue.

On the ground near the mines, you will find a hole with water and if you jump inside, you will be teleported back.  Inside the hole in a corner, you will find the blueprint of the rune. Check the below image to find the exact location of the hole. The below image has been taken from the location of the first collectible.

Mission 8 Sumire’s Old Master

Just as you start this mission you will come across the monk statue. On the right side, you will find this platform where inside you will find the golden statue.

Check the red marker to find the location of a rune blueprint that will be under the bridge. The bridge will be between the garden and the castle.

Mission 9 Mysterious Assignment

As soon as you start this mission you can find the house that has been marked in the above image near the cliff. At the backside of the cliff on the bottom side, you will find a platform and on that platform, you can find a golden statue.

Once you find the first collectible in this mission, there you need to go forward where you will find the house that has been marked in the above image. At the back backside of the house, you will find a window on the ground floor. Go inside the window to find the dye blueprint brown color.

Mission 10 Mysterious Assassination

If you have obtained all the collectibles from Mission 5, you won’t have to collect any more in this mission. After completing the mission, it will show that collectibles obtained 3/3.

Mission 11 Akatsuchi Strategic Information

You need to visit the high castle area in this mission and head over to the garden side. There you will find a lot of bamboo trees and in the middle, you can find the wooden box, and inside it will be a dye blueprint red color.

Near the biggest building of a high castle you will find a small house and beside it will be a shrine in the bamboo garden. In front of the shrine will be a villager and behind the shrine, you will find the blueprint.

Mission 12 Rescue For Akatsuchi

In this mission progress a little further and you will find a broken house. Behind the broken house on the boat, you will find the first collectible as shown in the above image.

Just near the broken house, you will find a small island as shown in the above image. There at the starting of the island, you will find a fox statue. Behind the fox statue, you will find the collectible.

Note:  You will also find a legacy trouser, we have already made a post about how to get the legacy set.

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