World War Z Aftermath How To Transfer Save File From Epic To Steam

World War Z Aftermath

World War Z Aftermath is a third-person zombie shooting game developed by Saber Interactive. The game has just recently launched on Steam but it was already on Epic Games Store before. The monopoly of the console exclusive has been invaded into the PC master race and some games might get exclusivity on EGS before coming to any other platform.

If you have already bought and played this game in Epic Game Store, but want to have all your games available to you in a single launcher, you can transfer your save file from the Epic game store to steam. But for that you have to buy the game again on Steam which I think might not be a good idea. But still, if you have already bought the game on Steam and looking to transfer all your progression and save files from Epic to Steam, the below guide might help you.

World War Z Aftermath How To Transfer Save File

First of all, you need to visit the drive in which the game is installed from the Epic Store, if you haven’t changed the location of installation the game files will be available in the “C” drive. You need to find the “user_progression.dat” file and copy it. It will be located in C:\Users\user profile\AppData\Local\Saber\WWZ\client\storage\slots

Once you have located the file, now head over to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\your steam user ID\699130\remote and look for the file “user_progression”. This user progression file will be in CFG format and you need to delete this file. Now paste the “user_progression.dat” file that you have copied from the Epic platform folder.

Change the format “.dat” to “CFG” and now open the game on steam. All your saved files and progression from the Epic platform will be available and you can continue enjoying the game without having to start over.

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