Kena Bridge Of Spirits All Memory Location Of Taro’s Mask

Kena Bridge Of Spirits

Kena Bridge Of Spirits is an action-adventure game developed by Ember Lab. Memories are the past story of the person whose spirit you are about to free using the different relics. During your journey of collecting relics, you will come across golden scrolls that you can find by interacting with rocks or items. You need to use the mask to find out about the past. The first spirit you will need to free is Taro’s and there are four memories for you to collect. Below you will find the walkthrough and location of these memories.

Note: Once you find all the memories you will be rewarded with additional karma to upgrade your abilities.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Taro’s Memory Location

1st Taro Memory

The first memory will be on the Rusu mountain, head over to the area shown in the above image and you will find the scroll.

2nd Taro Memory

The second memory can be found just after crossing the broken bridge that the Rots will help to pull so that you can cross. Just after crossing the bridge on the road, you will find some items that belong to one of the children. Once you interact with it, a yellow orb will come out of it. Follow the orb to Rusu house and you will find the scroll.

3rd Taro Memory

The third memory can be found in the forgotten forest, behind the fishing shrine, you will find an area with wooden boxes and planks. You need to go towards the left side of those wooden boxes. There you will find two rocks floating on the water and after crossing that you will come across several worn fishing baskets. Interact with the basket to find the third memory.

4th Taro Memory

The fourth memory can also be found on the forgotten forest, once you reach the area shown in the above image, climb up the cliff using the ledge. There you need to go towards the left side path to find the fox symbol on old camping gear near the edge of the cliff. Interact with the symbol and follow the glowing orb to find the last memory.

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