Sable All Bike Parts Location Control Panel, Power Supply & Calibrator

Sable is an open-world exploration game developed by Shedworks. To leave the canyon and to go to the different areas you need to have your bike repaired in this game. Your bike can be repaired by finding three different parts across the areas. Below you will find the location of these parts and a walkthrough of how to get them.

Sable Bike Parts Walkthrough

Once you get the floating ability and return from the temple ruin talk with Hilal and he will direct you to the top of the tower to talk with Sizo. He will give you a navigator with which you can mark a location that will show in your compass and map.

Sizo will ask you to find three parts that will be used to make a glider bike. The list of parts are:

  • Control Panel
  • Power Supply
  • Calibrator

Note: Use your navigator to mark all three locations to mark them on your compass.

Sable Control Panel Location

The control panel will be located on the old dam on the hill. You need to visit the old dam, enter the building and on the right side, you will find a ladder. Climb up the ladder and follow the path to a control center, there pull the lever to open up the dam. Once the dam is open follow that path and you will find a room with locked doors. Use the battery to provide power to open the door and inside that room on the left side you will find the control panel

Note: The old dam will be on the east side of the camp.

Sable Power Supply


The power supply can be found on the great rock near the other side of the canyon. The great rock will be located on the south of the camp and the power supply will there on top. You need to climb up the great rock and check inside the broken rocket to find the power supply.

Sable Calibrator


On the west side of the camp, you will find an abandoned aircraft. The door inside the aircraft will be on the backside. There you will find a recording and once you come out Saima will tell you that she had hidden the calibrator.

The calibrator can be a bit tough to locate as you need to find the secret hiding location of Saima. She will ask you to find her three beetle but when you talk to Jadi he will tell you the location of the beetle but you need food to attract them. Finding food was tough for us, so we decided to find the hiding spot of Saima to get the calibrator.


Below the camp, there is a cave and at the entrance, you can find Saima, enter the cave to find the secret hiding location. As you can see from the marker in the above image behind the rock will be a small hole through which you can travel by crouching. The entrance will be hidden by vines. Inside the hole, you will find the calibrator. Once you find the calibrator the beetle quest will also be automatically completed.

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