Lost Judgement- Video Camera Footage To Stop Bullying Choices Result

Lost JudgementIn Lost Judgement, the Seiryo High School has a problem of bullying which the Chairman has approached the detective firm of your acquainted where you come in. After disguising as an ACĀ  repairman, 4 of you have infiltrated the school maintaining your disguise. There were few difficulties where Homeroom Teacher “Yoko Sawa” was onto you. However, after successful job and installation of the camera, the very first task is to locate and decide what to do about bullies and how to give an effort to minimize this misconduct. In this guide, we have mentioned all the results of your decision when given choices about how to stop the bullying.

Video Camera Footage To Stop Bullying Choices Result In Lost Judgement

After detecting the bullies and installing the camera in the class, not much since the time has passed when they started bullying a girl in broad light. While watching from the camera, there would be a choice provided to you which is mentioned below:

  • The bullying footage solves everything.

This choice will lead to the leaking of this footage online which might create further problems for the school and the victim. This is not a correct option and later you will be allowed to select another option.

  • The onlookers are the problem.

This is the correct choice among these 3. The other students sitting idly and ignoring what is going on in front of them similar to what adults do to avoid catching attention. Instead of putting a spotlight on one, there can be a classroom trial where everyone is involved might intimidate the bullies.

  • The victim should speak up.

You will be lectured by Yoko Sawa about how tremendous amount of courage for victims to speak up. Later you will have to select a different option.

Select any option as there is no penalty for selecting wrong choices in these types of matters. Selecting the wrong option introduces new dialogues rather than forming another storyline based on your choices. For more guides on Lost Judgement, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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