Lost Judgement- Time Capsule Location And Complete Side Case Guide

Lost JudgementIn Last Judgement, there are a total of 42 side cases which is unknown at the beginning and it all will gradually reveal after accepting the case at a specific location. The 5th side case i.e. Where is the Time Capsule? require you to find the buried location by decoding the code or evidence. In this guide, we have posted the complete walkthrough that may spoil the story that has been developed and the ending of it.

Time Capsule Location And Complete Side Case Guide In Lost Judgement

The code or evidence that was given by the three gentlemen from which we need to work is “The giant’s wheel, lording over the tree with the most branches, three steps south from the roots. Two more steps east, and there a treasure rests”. As shown in both the image below, the first image is the map where you need to reach and the second image is what is referred to as the giant’s wheel.

Lost JudgementTime Capsule

Turns out, focusing Ferris Wheel and the tree in the frame will let you find the Time Capsule. After obtaining the capsule, take it back to the three guys who have given the case and they will remark that it was not theirs. The time capsule doesn’t have a keyhole and someone has mistaken their time capsule as their own due to the evidence we found near the digging site i.e. Shovel.

Once they plan to open the time capsule, Hanamizuki¬†will read the letter and build up the suspense that will build up the curiosity of Yagami. Talk to them again, in order to learn or reveal what was in this letter (for the sake of investigation). They find out that the guy “Ogikubo” who had a crush on this girl “Goto-san”¬†developed the same feelings back then when they were in high school.

Updated Case Walkthrough

The case is updated and you have to search for Goto-san in Chinatown which is nearby Iyama’s Extract Shop. Open the map and track the case by zooming in. Later you will be allowed to Target Search Saya Goto-san according to their traits displayed. Once you have confirmed the identity, you will call the trio where the drama will storm.

Ogikubo-san will attempt to confess his feeling which he had since high school to one and only Goto-san. Suddenly, a kid will come running out of the restaurant in search of her mother. It turns out Goto-san has a kid and she is married crushing poor Ogikubo-san’s heart. The story is worth all the trouble you had to go in search of a Time Capsule. For more informative guides on Lost Judgement, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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