Lost Judgement- The Body Model Walks At Night Side Case Guide

Lost JudgementIn Lost Judgement, the side case i.e. “The Body Model Walks at Night!!!” has various rumors but the one where you need to search and check the rumor would be at the same old Seiryo High School. After talking and interacting with other people swarming at High School, you will learn and obtain more new side cases. However in this case we are focusing on the 9th side case as it is troublesome due to the no direction or lead shown on the mini-map.

The Body Model Walks At Night Side Case Guide In Lost Judgement

While wandering for few times in the schoolyard for the Time Capsule, we almost forgot that there was an active side case i.e. The Body Model, which was rumored to be running around on the campus. To locate it, you will need to reach Second Floor as shown in the image below. After that using the Noise Amp, you will have to locate the Body Model which will be found adjacent to the classroom where a student is taking nap in the class.

Lost Judgement

After confronting the Body Model, the pursuit will begin in the schoolyard where after depleting his stamina, catch the guy. The kid who has painted his whole body, at least he has the sanity to wear pants was caught stealing the test papers or answers. He then will reveal his identity i.e. “Teruo Naito”, in the second year of high school who is in a dire situation where he had to repeat the year if he flunked out.

Later, you will have to find and have a chat with Naito in the school. The side case will be completed once you meet Naito in the school cafeteria. If you are up for more informative guides on Lost Judgement, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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